Saturday, September 20, 2014

Step mom hurt

       Ouch, why does something so innocent hurt so much? I spent a good portion of the morning keeping my three kids on task for the informal birthday party we are having all of the extended family over for tonight. They have for the most part did what I needed without grumble. But then my oldest was cleaning out his backpack from last year and pulled the pictures out of the old binder to put into his this year binder. See these pictures are of him when he was little and of his biological mom. Of their first family and a woman who desperately needs Jesus. I guess I can only hope that he looks at her and prays for her. I was a little, ok a lot, upset by it. So I told him that I could give him pictures of our family to put in there. To which he replied, "I know but this is of mom and I still love her." Ouch, the realization that, Yes, and rightfully so, He still loves his mom. Regardless if he calls me Mommy or Annelise. She is still their mom and will always be. I took my own time out and chose to pray my self through the pain that I will never know that love that he has for her because I'm not Mom I am the woman that married Daddy and is there for them and is on her knees before the Lord interceding for all of them. But hey I can only continue to love them like Jesus and be an example not a stumbling block. Being a step mom is harder than I thought it would be, but worth every min.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Smelling: My iced coffee and whatever fall candle is burning in the kitchen.  

Can't Stop Wearing: My favorite earrings. Good thing they are studs and go with everything.

Watching: Monarch on the Glen, on season 3 and love me some BBC.

Feeling: Excited for the rest of my day but exhausted to think of all the homework I have to do with my kids.

Shocked By: The way teachers are approaching homework now in elementary classrooms. I don’t agree with starting older kids on common core. I think if they want to start teaching it start with a kinder classroom and not try to teach or older ones a new way and expect amazing results.
Grateful For: A husband who tries harder than I can ask for to be everything to all of us. I wish he wouldn’t stress himself out the way he does.

 Looking Forward To: Making a sale on my Etsy site, I have not sold anything on the site but have side request to do things.

 Annoyed At: How Facebook has become a video sharing site lately and all I see anymore is every stupid ice bucket challenge. Just go donate!

 Listening To: Beth Moore Bible Studies

Monday, July 28, 2014

My wedding in a magazine???

So my wedding was featured in a local wedding magazine!
Check out the link: Patrick and Annelise

Gallery Walls lately

So after getting married and becoming an instant mom of 3. I still had projects that I wanted to accomplish. So I decided to start on our bedroom wall. I have wanted to paint the frames that have hung on our wall for years just never had major inspiration to do them. SO I decided maybe, just maybe our wedding pictures should warrant a overhaul. I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White, Duck Egg and Paris Grey to complete the update.   


I tend to paint a lot on our kitchen counters.

Before frames and during. 
My blank walls, before the redo

So here is the sneak peek.
Not sure that I am completely done but it is a start right?
This is our entry way/ living room wall. I did this on Thursday while the MIL had the kids.
Thank you for stopping by and check back for updates.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The last couple months...

So as you all know May 24th, I got married! I married my best friend and became a wife and mother to 3 kiddos all in one day. So needless to say life has been a bit of an adjustment to all of us. I went from having a 4 bedroom house to myself or a couple roommates at times. To moving 4 people in, and one of them into my bedroom and bathroom. Talk about displaced stuff. My husband is a little bit of a clean freak and likes order. I am the artsy fartsy one and have projects always going, and now being a teacher have a new section of disorder to deal with.

We have spent the last 43 days for the most part dealing with the displacement, of my "storage areas" or "creative spaces", as well as all piles DIY wedding. I have made progress and realize that it will be a long process before we are where we want to be. My husband recently has learned that only I can use the word "purge" regarding my stuff. Otherwise I get defensive and feel like he wants to just throw all my stuff away.
Thankfully we were able to have two different honeymoons. Partly because the hubby had to finish his last week of that semester at ITT tech, and I had to finish the last week teaching. As well as clean out my classroom. Our week after the wedding was spent in the Monterey area, at Lovers Point. So beautiful and cold! We went from dry and hot to windy and cold, but still enjoyed our time.

This is the beach directly around the corner from our hotel

The view from our hotel room on the third floor

 Our rings
Just an update more pictures to follow.

ever have those days?

Where God decides to speak directly to your heart? Today I was reading John 10. All of it and at first I think that I was looking to just read and get done with it. But God definitely decided to meet me where I was outside on our back patio.
When you break it down into SOAP, it helps you dig deeper. Scripture-either the verse or a summary; Observation-what do you see? What stands out?; Application-attach to your life; Prayer-turn it into a conversation with Him.
So here I am going to be very transparent with you all and walk you through my SOAP.

S: John 10:18 "No one can take my life from me. I lay down my life voluntarily. For I have the right to lay it down when I want to and also the power to take it again." SACRIFICE what really stood out to me out of this whole chapter which I find weird but that's what makes it even more apparent that it is from God.
O:Jesus chose to give His life up in sacrifice for us. Voluntarily and because He wanted to. I understand, but then I don't at the same time. I think I would give my life in exchange or sacrifice for my husband and kids. But then I think it would definitely be much easier to say for sure that I would be coming back to life in 3 days.
A:I don't have to be a martyr per say, but I am learning that as a wife and mother, sacrifice is apart of serving them daily. And that is something that I am called to do. I need to make the conscious decision and want to, to be present and openly available to them. Sometimes ME time is not as important.
P:God help me to spend more time listening to you, what you want me to do and how you want me to silently (sometimes loudly) support my family. Also where I need to humbly sacrifice my needs and wants for my family. I also need to be more submissive and less "know it all" with my husband. The independence has been really hard to let go of. Help me with this.
First step is wanting to!

Thank you for allowing me to be transparent and broken before you all.

I am doing the Meeting at the Milking Stool, that Amber Thomas from mrthomasandme is facilitating on her blog.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Quick Wifey

Well, as of today I have been married to the love of my life, Patrick Quick for 3 days! My husband is the most exciting, sweet, sensitive, loving, compassionate, talented, and wonderful man that I could have ever asked for. We have had a crazy year so far. With planning a wedding, teaching preschool, taking classes full time, and having busy schedules. I am blessed with a wonderful man of God who values our spiritual life together as a couple and having a healthy relationship.

I have found that today's society urges women to have an "I am a princess" mentality. This can be so destructive in a marriage relationship. Believing that your man should love and respect you regardless of your loving and respecting him is just ridiculous. I've learned so much in the past year -- as Patrick and I have really grown together and worked on developing what would become a strong start to our marriage relationship.

God has given me an incredible man and an incredible life. I have been given a gift and the journey has had it's wonderful ups and it's devastating downs. As much as I love my sweet husband, I know that my personal relationship with God is first. What a wonderful feeling, to have your husband look you in the eyes and know that you love him unconditionally, you respect him for the incredible man that he is, and you value him and trust him.

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